About Us

Smooch Frozen Yogurt & Mochi, located in Downtown Boulder, opened its doors in August 2008 as Boulder’s first frozen yogurt destination. Owners Ari Mijiddorj and Sunny Ariunbold, a father-daughter team, share a great love for food and want to introduce all natural, healthy dessert alternatives to the Boulder community. At Smooch, we strive to bring the finest premium yogurt, freshest fruits and specialty desserts to our customers for an unforgettable taste experience.

Our Products

We take pride in serving the best products possible for our customers. Our all natural, non-fat frozen yogurt is certified by a third party laboratory for Real Dairy Frozen Yogurt and Live & Active Cultures. We craft our yogurt flavors in house in small batches to ensure the highest quality for taste and texture. Both our frozen yogurt & mochi ice cream are gluten-free and Kosher certified. The toppings at Smooch are always fresh, never frozen. We are strong supporters of using local products and suppliers.

Our Store

Our design is focused on being green and using eco-friendly products. From the outside, the large street facing windows are energy-efficient with minimal air-conditioning or heat loss. Our floor is made from plyboo and natural pebble stones. Plyboo is harvested from a forest that requires no irrigation or pesticides. The mineral composite panels are composed entirely of nontoxic mineral and are not subject to hazardous polymerization. The cheerful walls are painted with low VOC paint. We offer free wi-fi and water to all our customers.

Smooch is committed to being socially responsible. We use recyclable and compostable products when possible. We are a PACE certified Zero Waste Partner.